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Head Boy

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” The past two years of pandemic have drastically changed our perspective towards life. It taught us that we can’t just wait and that we need to move along with the circumstances. After long period of time we see our school life coming right where we left it.

Though we have grown up and are new seniors, we strive for the same excellence and success as we did in our junior years. As the results for the students council were announced, I was shocked ! to be elected as the head boy. I nearly jumped off my seat. I was honoured to be elected but nervous as well because I didn’t really know how it would be like. Being a Head Boy at a tender age is often cheerful but the reality also bring up certain important responsibilities. I always wanted to have the chance of leading our school from the front. This opportunity has been awarded to me be our reverend Principal Sr. Gracy MD, teachers and the students who have elected me as the head boy for the session of 2022 – 2023. I was elated when the great accolade of being an office bearer of this prestigious institution was showered upon me.

Being the head boy is not all goods and glory. It has certain challenges as well. I think they are maintaining standards as a leader, setting an example and helping the juniors with as much guidance we can provide to them. This means we are developing potential heads of school for future years and leaving Sacred Heart with a crop of great leaders.

To conclude I would say something cliche, your time at school really does fly. It’s scary to think that we are in our final year. I would say make the most of your time and the opportunities that are offered to you because it’s unlikely you will have the chance again to try such a broad variety of thing whenever you want.

Name :- Aditya Chandel

Head Girl

Warm greetings to all !!

I have dreamt of this day ever since I entered grade five and it feels surreal now that it has actually happened. To be chosen as the Head Girl of an institute as august as ours, it truly feels incredible.

The fifty-two years since the establishment of my Alma mater have been nothing but glorious with Sacred Heartians attaining new zeniths of success with each passing year.

Words fall short to express the gratitude that I feel towards our exalted Principal – Sr. Gracy MD, our illustrious teachers and towards my lovely juniors who placed their trust in me and chose me to serve in this pivotal position.

I am positive that the coming academic year will definitely be remarkable and outstanding. We aim towards unlocking new achievements and to set another milestone in our history, all while following the ethos laid down by our institute. Wishing everyone a great year ahead. May we all reach the acme that we have set for ourselves.

Name :- Vanshika Jamwal