Head Boy

I hope all are doing well.

This Pandemic has changed our life and our outlook too.These two years were indeed different from the years spent happily in school.

But as we say life goes on.

I am lucky to be part of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School where our school activities were never at halt .We were constantly guided and motivated by our teachers throughout this grave phase. 

I am grateful to our reverend Principal Sister Gracy MD who took the initiative of holding the school elections online and giving me an opportunity to work for this institution. 

I feel honored and privileged to be chosen as the Head Boy of this prestigious institution. I am looking forward to serve the school in every possible way I can.

Name: Abhimanyu Parihar

Head Girl

Greetings to all!!!

As I pen down my thought today, I admit feeling like a wreck ball of emotions, but the ones that are definitely the most prominent are ecstasy and euphoria, as the realization that I have been elected as the Head Girl of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School (Sidhpur), dawns on me.

My Alma Mater has always taught it’s pupil the teaching of ‘Cor Unum Anima Una’ which means One heart, One soul. The school has always aimed at inculcating in it’s students morals like honesty, punctuality, perseverance, compassion and empathy along with knowledge, so as to mould the students into the citizens that the country can depend on.

I am immensely grateful to reverend principal Sr. Gracy and to my Institute for giving me this epoch making opportunity and for placing me in a pivotal role for its management.

The trust invested in me strengthens my resolve to push my limits and conquer with my Sacred Heart family the goals that we have set for ourselves.

The very fact that we have managed to put our school lives, with all its classes and co-curricular activities, back into gears even amidst the pandemic, itself speaks volumes about how our school has conquered the various pinnacles of success.

I wish every Sacred Heartian a safe and accomplishing year ahead.