Head Boy

Sacred Heart School has been a part of my life for almost 14 years. This institution has fastered my academic core, Sportsmanship and moral temperament.

A place of learning that transcends educational boundaries to ethics and life experiences; the school upholds its standards as one of the best.

As the Head Boy of the school, I consider it my responsibility to act as a medium of effective communication between the students and the staff.

I strongly believe in tackling the obstacles that impede our progress and creating a conducive environment of learning for everyone.

Name: Aryan Nehria

Head Girl

Sacred Heart , An esteemed institution not only believes in academic excellence but also infuses moral values and recognizes every child as a unique diamond that must be polished ot sparkle with brilliance.

This school has transformed me from a shy, and timid girl to a confident and charismatic one. It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to serve the school as a Head Girl.

I desire to have an atmosphere of discipline among the students and make sure that the school flag keeps on soaring ever higher and higher.

Name: Sameera Dewan