Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School at Sidhpur in Dharamshala is owned and run by the congregation of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, founded by Fr.Peter Joseph Triest in Belgium, in 1803 and established in India, at Dalhousie in 1901,is missioned to reveal that God is love. The congregation values the educational Apostolate of helping individuals to discover their dignity as human persons and children of God. To bring about a society based on love ,justice and peace, is one of the most important aspect of this mission.

In the aftermath of Indo-Pak war in 1965 some military officials contacted the then provincial superior of Delhi province in Amritsar asking for sisters to take over the Garrison school in Yol Camp.

Amritsar and Dalhousie were already well established hub of educational apostolic work of Sisters of charity So, Yol was preferred for its climate and for the offer of accommodation.

On 26th August 1966 five sisters arrived at Yol camp and were the first organizers of the place with Sr. Corneliana Heemskeek at the helm of the new foundation. By January 1967 the “Primary Garrison School” running in six military bungalows with 150 students was renamed “Sacred Heart Garrison School”. It was to be a Middle school till grade 7.Slowly and gradually the school began to develop and it got a future impetus with the arrival of 4th Mountain Division of the army, under the command of Maj. General Rai, the number of students rose to 300 . Soon the lack of space for the growing numbers and the transport problem , there was dire need to acquire land to build. Fr.Dominic Perumpanani the chaplain of Yol helped Mother Corneliana to find a new location between Dharamshala and Yol. Finally 16.52 acres was bought, of most ideally situated land in a hill country, full of natural beauty that lay along the main road. In Feb,1968 Mother Philip Murphy arrived as superior. In 1969, the ground floor was ready under the able guidance of architect and contractor Sardar Dharam Singh .Classes were started at Sidhpur but sisters returned to their convent daily.

A convent and a school at Sidhpur.

Mother Philip and her Sisters wanted to work together on the same site so,their request was accepted by the provincial team. In March 1970, the late Dr. Y.S Parmar, the then Chief Minister of H.P. came formally to inaugurate the Sacred Heart High School, Sidphur . From then on wards there was no coming back and the school has grown by leaps and bounds .

Educational Standard

Ever since its inspection school has grown in strength and has continued to maintain a high standard of education .
Today it has carved a niche for itself in shaping the lives of many students who have left its gates
As the years rolled on, the school expanded physically, new buildings were erected, settlements in the vicinity were reshaped. In 2012, the school achieved another mile stone when its spectacular auditorium was inaugurated .The school has done exceedingly well in every facet of activity be it in academics ,sports and co-curricular activities.

School is running its 45th year now with 2289 students and 77teaching staff.